Interview with AJ & His Custom B5

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Andrew (AKA AJ) is another first time motorcycle owner, and yes, he chose a rad Royal Enfield. When he picked up his 2013 B5, a little over a year ago, it was bone stock. Andrew had big plans of customization- the possibilities were limitless! Just because this was his first motorcycle didn’t mean AJ hadn’t grow up around motorcycles. His pops used to built bikes out of his garage, bikes like Norton’s, Triumph’s, and BSA’s. So naturally AJ wanted “a classic look with reliability”. 

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Finally, AJ’s brand new 2013 Royal Enfield was in his garage! First step was to strip his new ride down to the skeleton. The rear fender was removed and a custom sidemount license plate was installed. The handlebars were flipped (later installed clubman bars), upsweep D&D exhaust installed with stage 1 breather kit, blacked a few chrome parts, and last but not least AJ had some custom number plate gusset’s cut and installed (#14 in the house). Future customizations include; replace or cut front fender, replace tires with dual-purpose, and shave seat to give it more of a custom café look. 

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Obviously there are a lot of bike brands out there to choose from, AJ went on to explain how “A lot of research goes into buying a Royal because you don’t know too much about the company, or maybe you never have heard of a Royal Enfield. It’s not like buying a Honda, Triumph, or Harley- companies that you see and hear about everyday. The best part of owning a Royal Enfield is the bond between other RE riders, because we’re few in numbers. I will always keep my Royal, but I’m definitely going to buy another one in the future, perhaps a Triumph Daytona”. I’m hearing a common trend between these Enfield owners, nobody wants to ever sell their Royal Enfield, but they do want to add to the collection. When AJ was asked to describe Royal Enfield in one word, his quick response was “Perfect”. I look forward to seeing AJ’s B5 in the coming months, it’s a sweet ride!

– The Rider


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  1. “I’m hearing a common trend between these Enfield owners, nobody wants to ever sell their Royal Enfield…”

    That’s because they will never not be fun. No matter what else you get, nothing will ride like the RE. You’re always going to want it in your back pocket.

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