Interview with Kacey Close: 2012 Royal Enfield G5

Kacey Close

Recently a familiar face came through the shop for his 6,000 mile service. Kacey Close purchased a 2012 Royal Enfield G5 from Royal Enfield of Fort Worth 16 months ago and already has over 6,000 miles on his ride! This is the first 6,000 miles he has ever put on two wheels, and how nice that it was on a Royal Enfield G5, “I’ve really only ridden the Enfield, it was tough to separate ‘riding’ vs ‘riding an Enfield’. Riding is fun and exhilarating, but riding an Enfield is something timeless and classic. I feel like I’ve ridden out of a different era.”

It’s nice to get a perspective from a first time rider and from the biggest Royal Enfield fan in Denton, Texas. Kacey uses his Enfield as a daily commuter to work- what a great way to get you up in the mornings. Kacey feels that Denton and the Royal Enfield brand go hand and hand, “Denton maintains a small town feel, no matter how big it gets. The Royal Enfield isn’t a big bike, but get’s a large amount of attention and is perfect for getting around all of Denton”. When I asked Kacey for the one word to describe his Royal Enfield he said “I would say that ‘Exhilarating’ is my one word for riding in general. My word for riding the Enfield would be ‘Genuine’.” Couldn’t have said it better myself! 

One of my favorite memories of Kacey and his Enfield is when he rolled up to the shop with a pack of Goldwing riders. The Honda Goldwing is pure 1800 cc touring motorcycle, and here is a 500 cc Royal Enfield hanging with these boys on the highway! How awesome is that! Kacey couldn’t be happier with his decision to ride a Royal. He might get another bike in the future, but he will never get rid of his first motorcycle. Congratulations, Kacey!

-The Rider

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