Anthony’s Custom Military


All I can say is YES! Anthony recently sat down with me and brainstormed a new motorcycle design he’s been searching for since he sold his first motorcycle at 19, a Honda CX500. I can honestly say that we hit the nail on the head with this one! We took a 2014 Royal Enfield C5 Military and converted it to a one off Café bobber.


This custom is packing custom dual-purpose tires, full D&D exhaust system, café bars, side-mount license plate, Biltwell seat, and not to mention everything that was chrome has been power coated black.


Anthony wanted something no one has, something completely personalized to himself, an efficient bike with a classic look. Anthony has an “old soul” that was begging to be set free! He’s from a small town with plenty of back roads to ride this hot rod.


Immediately after getting it on the road he noticed how many crazy looks he was getting. “I can’t go anywhere without people gathering around me asking what year my bike is, or how long did it take to restore. It’s something I look forward to after work, it’s therapeutic for me”.


It didn’t take him long after researching the brand to see an opportunity with Royal Enfield, “I’m an entrepreneur and with a lot of people not knowing what a Royal Enfield is, there is huge potential for this brand to grow. Any company that has been around for 113 years, obviously knows what they are doing and has mastered the product”. Anthony is the only one in the world with this exact setup, configured exactly to his liking. It’s like owning a piece of you that expresses and symbolizes who you are. I could barely get Antony off his bike long enough to get this interview. Ride on Buddy! 


-The Rider


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  1. Gavin

    I am a C5 owner aswell and i would like to do something like this to my bike. Can you please Email me with the upgrades and parts that were added tto your bike? im haveing trouble finding parts on my own.

    • The Rider

      Gavin, I would be more than happy to have a brainstorming session with you to figure out what you’re looking to do with your RE. We added tons of parts and customized a few to make this bad boy happen. You can email me at or call me at 214-629-4011. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for the comment!

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