The Real Rider First Impression: David Garcia and his Continental GT

David Garcia pic

We had the unique opportunity to interview a customer who jumped off a 500 Bullet to the new Continental GT. It’s interesting to hear the differences between the two models straight from the source. David explained to us how light and responsive the GT is, packed with the newest technology, “it’s a completely different bike from the other RE models”. He goes on to explain how “the GT still has the retro look and feel while offering more confidence in the corners and at highway speeds”.

David has a pretty simple method for picking his motorcycles and cars, “It’s more fun to drive a slow vehicle fast than drive a fast vehicle slow”. He is the perfect candidate for the Royal Enfield motorcycles; David finds the simple things in life, the things that slow you down in a culture that is moving so fast- “You can see the world with only 22 horse power”. I think David is in good shape with the Continental GT packing 29 hp, especially with it only weighing 403 pounds.

When we asked David to describe the new 2014 Continental GT in one word, his word of choice was “fun!”.

-The Rider

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