Interview with Ricky: 3 Twisted Sisters Hill Country Ride



If you’re a real motorcycle lover and rider then there is one specific place that sticks out when thinking of the “best ride”. Our good friend, Ricky Garza recently had the opportunity to ride the 3 Twisted Sisters Hill Country Ride in Texas. NOT ONLY did he ride it but he did it on the one and only Royal Enfield!

The Royal Enfield is a 500 cc single cylinder motor and Ricky did the ride of all rides on this bad dude of a thumper! “I was the only single there”, said Ricky. With him being the only thumper in the crowd of all Harley baggers, Honda Goldwings, and BMW 1200’s, you better believe he was the center of attention. IMG_5585A common question of the weekend was “what year is that thing?” or “I didn’t know Royal Enfield was still making motorcycles”. Royal Enfield not only is the oldest motorcycle brand in the world, but they also never went out of production.

“Forget about the stereo, cruise control, or any fairing. I was surrounded by the purest of mother nature” (Ricky). Over the past years Ricky has been a Harley man, ever since he picked up his RE 2012 C5 black and chrome he swears by the Royal Enfield (don’t get me wrong, he still has the 77’ Shovelhead). When I asked Ricky to describe the Royal Enfield motorcycle in one word, without hesitation he said “free!”. If you’re ready to take on the Twisted Sisters ride with a huge smile on your face, get yourself a Royal Enfield so you can start experiencing the Freedom our boy Ricky is experiencing!

– The Rider


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  1. rex

    Thanks, keep us updated. We are trying to get the Royal Enfield Riders together and coordinated in the Phoenix Arizona Area. REX

  2. rex

    Bonneville Salt Flats. Bubs all Motorcycle event in August. You should bring a ton of Royal Enfield Riders out to the salt this year. The local dealer in LA is going to try and set a record on one of the new Royal Enfields. We could use some support….REX

    • The Rider

      That’s awesome! We are actually already trying to get out there this year. Where will you guys be set up, and when? We have a customer who purchased a C5 and Continental GT from us who will be there trying to break records as well. You can reach directly at 214-629-4011. Thanks for the comment!

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