Royal Enfield ready to dominate the Mid-size Motorcycle Market


Lately, there has been some exciting news brewing around the Royal Enfield brand here in the US. As you already may know, Rod Copes (former head of Harley’s global customer sales and service) is now leading Enfield’s expansion in the US and Canada market. Something is ah brewing with this brand. Recently an article was released by explaining Royal Enfield’s plan to “Dominate” the mid-size motorcycle market in the US. It seems that this company is lining up it’s dominoes to fall strategically in the US market. 

Siddhartha Lal is the managing director of Royal Enfield, the head honcho! Lal is with Eicher motors and in 1993 Eicher motors acquired control of Royal Enfield to bring the company out of near bankruptcy. Since then, Royal Enfield has become the motorcycle leader in India, showing no signs of slowing down. When you compare the US and India market, there are some major differences. Americans consider motorcycles as lifestyle products, “whereas the vehicles are used mostly for commuting in price-sensitive developing economies” ( Even though we do consider motorcycles as lifestyle products, the US motorcycle market shows huge potential to generate $6.9 billion in revenue for this year, a huge opportunity for Royal Enfield to grow globally. 

Now what really caught my eye reading this article was Lal’s comments regarding plans for Royal Enfield in the US market. Royal Enfield “plans to ship ‘tens of thousands of motorcycles’ from about 1,000 now, Lal said. It will also introduce new platforms that are better suited to the US and European markets, he said, with the first due next year” ( WHAAAAT! It sounds like if you currently own a C5, B5, or G5 you are on the ground floor of an amazing brand about to blow up out of the water! Who know’s what “platforms” Lal is referring to, but it sure is exciting to wonder what he plans for the coming years. Introducing new platforms will be key to grow the Royal Enfield brand in the US. 

I think we can all agree on one thing, the love for Royal Enfield comes from the timeless classic feel you get while you ride or even look at one. From a dealers perspective, here’s a brand you stood by for the last couple of years dreaming and hoping for what it can potentially be, and NOW it is finally happening! A few years ago, when you said “it’s a Royal Enfield”, how many people actually knew what you were talking about. Now it seems that the brand is awakening from it’s slumber, ready to “dominate” the mid-size motorcycle market in the US. Royal Enfield of Fort Worth knows one thing for sure, we’ll keep the light on for the Royal Enfield!

-The Rider

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