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As we all know by now, the Royal Enfield’s have been manufactured in India since the 50’s and recently they have built a new state of the art facility in Chennai, India. If you were to move from India to Texas and find out there was a Royal Enfield dealer in your neighborhood, wouldn’t you want one? Especially if you had a Royal Enfield back home! Yuvraj and Krishanpal are two of the most sincere guys you will ever have the chance of meeting. I was lucky enough to make their dreams come true over 6 months ago when they both purchased a 2014 Royal Enfield Chrome and Maroon.

Now we have the unique opportunity to hear the differences and similarities between the 350 cc models in India and the 500 cc Royal Enfield models in America. “In India you only drive 25-35 MPH, this bike is not for going fast. This 500 cc Enfield wants to go faster but the 350 cc in India looks bigger”. The motorcycle culture is completely different in India compared to America. In India the motorcycle is a necessity, it’s your primary means of transportation, compared to in America where we use motorcycles as a luxury item. It isn’t out of the ordinary to see 4-5 on one Enfield in India, Krisanpal goes on to explain why; “The heavier, the smoother. More weight helps with the balance and power of the bike. It also beats walking”. Another big difference is how Yuvraj and Krishanpal share their motorcycles. Yuvraj was recently at a gas station when a man approached him asking about his Royal Enfield, without hesitation he threw the guy the keys to his ride, I can’t believe that! Apparently in India everybody shares their bike, my theory is that since it is a primary vehicle and most everybody knows how to ride keys are thrown around like hot cakes.

My favorite quote from Yuvraj was “The Royal Enfield is a Royal Ride. A Royal Ride means you don’t go fast”, explaining the small cc’s of the Enfield. It’s interesting to here Yuvraj and Krishanpal compare the Royal Enfield in India to Harley-Davidson in America. “The Royal Enfield is all about the sound, the sound translates to a Royal Enfield. It’s a big motor with a Big name. You are considered royalty if you have an Enfield in India. The Harley-Davidson name and sound in America is exactly how it is for Royal Enfield in India”. I couldn’t be any happier to have got Yuvraj and Krisanpal back on their Royal Ride.

– The Rider

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